DT-205L / DT-207L Handheld Laser Tachometers
DT-205L / DT-207L Handheld Laser Tachometers
Price: Replaced by model DT-205LR
NOTE: "L" models have been replaced with "LR" models featuring smaller & brighter "Laser dot"
Type: Combination Contact & Non-Contact Tachometer
Measuring Range:
Non-Contact - 1.00 - 99,999 rpm
Contact - 1.00 - 25,000 rpm
Display Type: LCD (DT-205LR)or LED (DT-207LR)
NSN: 6680-01-378-6490
The DT-205L / DT-207L Tachometers is a precision instrument that combines the best features found in both contact and non-contact tachometers for the accurate measurement of rpm, surface speed and length. The screw-in contact adapter makes it quick & easy to convert from non-contact to contact operation.

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