Shimpo DT-5TXR Panel Tachometer with Optional Output Modules
Shimpo DT-5TXR Panel Tachometer with Optional Output Modules
Price: $ 265.00 up to $ 300.00
Panel Techometer with Optional Output Modules
Highly accurate ( 0.008% 1 digit) makes ideal for process control and analysis
Accepts up to two output modules allowing voltage, current, BCD, NPN & relay output combinations for control or remote process monitoring
The DT-5TXR is an economical unit for speed and process time monitoring when combined with a compatible in-line sensor. Loaded with features found in more expensive units, the DT-5TXR Panel Meter is extremely versatile with selectable inputs. The DT-5TXR is fully scalable and possesses three selectable modes allowing it to measure RPM/linear speed/rate, elapsed time and process time. Each panel meter accepts a variety of signal inputs from any sensor providing an NPN, contact, sine wave, or square wave such as pulse generators, proximity sensors, photoelectric sensors, magnetic sensors and NPN OC transistors. Typical applications can range from machining operation timing, rate of change monitoring such as on a conveyor, elapsed time of oven curing etc. with any variety of compatible sensor inputs desired. The DT-5TXR panel meter also accepts various output modules, enabling it to output data for analysis, record keeping or assist in controlling the process through a separate control device. Up to two modules can be accepted simultaneously, offering an enormous number of combinations and options.

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