Compact A2108-LSR Laser Tachometer with Analog Output
Compact A2108-LSR Laser Tachometer with Analog Output
Price: $469.00
Laser Tachometer with Analog output
Manufacturer: Compact
Warranty: One Year
The non-contact Laser data instruments is designed to provide short term continuous monitoring of rotational speeds or linear rate with our optional Contact Adaptor accessory type A2100/01. The voltage output on the A2108-LSR Analogue Output version provides 1mv/rev = 6vdc @ 6000 rpm. The A2108-LSR-232 version provides direct serial data output to your PC, a serial cable & a CD with Logging software is supplied with this model. The A2108-LSR version is switched On manually, using the continuous mode feature. option, provided continuous measurement is taking place the Probe will remain in the ON mode. An Auto OFF feature provides shutdown if no activity is logged for 1 minute.

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