CT6 Optical/Contact Handheld Tachometers with LED display
CT6 Optical/Contact Handheld Tachometers with LED display
Price: $ 579.00 up to $ 975.00
Type: Combination Contact & Non-Contact Tachometer
Measuring Range:
Non-Contact - 3.00 - 99,999 rpm
Contact - 3.00 - 50,000 rpm
Display Type: LED
The Concorde CT6 series Handheld Tachometer is a precision instrument that offers a wide selection of excellent features, including standard optical system range up to 3ft (1M) or with a Laser system with a range up to 6ft (2m) for enhanced optical performance. This Tachometer has facilities for both Optical and Contact measurements. This tachometer is supplied with the LN1 short speed adapter and has the facility for the end user to be able to adjust the optical sensitivity. This is useful when measuring high speeds using the LN1 short range adapter where the target may be a mark rather that retro-reflective tape.

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