Hans-Schmidt YS-105 Yarn Speed and Length Meter, LCD display, 16 Selectable Measuring Units

Price: $ 475.00

Hans-Schmidt YS-105 Yarn Speed and Length Meter
Includes Traceable Calibration Certificate
2-Year Warranty

The Hans-Schmidt YS-105 Yarn Speed and Length Meter combines the functions of two separate instruments in one, easy-to-use device.

It accurately measures the speed and length of yarns, and other filaments using a unique "wrapper" roller. This precision roller directs the filament onto the low-inertia, U-grooved measuring wheel to maximize contact and eliminate filament slip and breakage.

The YS-105 can also be used as a contact tachometer to measure linear speeds of moving surfaces such as conveyor belts, webs of paper or fabric, etc.

Kit Contents

  • Universal 6" circumference wheel (surface speed)
  • 6" circumference grooved wheel (yarn speed)
  • Cone tip
  • Funnel tip
  • 3" extension
  • Two AA batteries
  • Operating instructions
  • Carrying Case


  • Includes Traceable Calibration Certificate
  • LCD Display
  • Slide-on measuring heads make it simple to rapidly convert from one function to another
  • 16 adjustable measuring units: rpm, rev, m/min, m/h, ft/min, ft/h, yd/min, yd/h, in/min, in/h, mil/h, cm, m, in, ft, yd
  • Measuring range (yarn and wire): speed 0.1 5000 m/min length 0.1 9999 m
  • Max. material diameter: wire 0.3 mm yarn 1.5 mm
  • Built-in memory Max., Min and last four readings
  • 2-Year Warranty


Certificate of Compliance2.1 according EN 10204
Measuring range (floating decimal point)Revolution: 0.1 25000 rpm; 6 9999.9 rph Speed: z. B. 0.02 3810 m/min; 0.9 99999 m/h; 0.6 99999 in/min; 0.05 12500 ft/min; 3 99999 ft/h; 0.02 4167 yd/min; 1.0 9999 yd/h; 0.0006 142.5 mil/h Length: 0.5 99999 cm; 0.005 99999 m; 0.1 9999.9 in; 0.01 99999 ft; 0.005 9999.9 yd
AccuracyRevolution: 0 999.9 rpm (0.1 rpm) 1 digit 1000 9999.9 rpm (1 rpm) 1 digit 10000 25000 rpm (0.01% of reading) 1 digit Speed and length: 0.4 % of reading, 1 digit
Measuring unitsevolution: rpm, rph; Total revolutions (counter): rev Speed: m/min; m/h; ft/min; ft/h; yd/min;yd/h; in/min; in/h; mil/h Length: cm; m; in; ft; yd
MemoryMIN + MAX + last 4 values
ResolutionLength: 0.00254 m/impulse (with 6 inch measuring wheel) Revolution: 60 impulse/revolution
Display5 digit, LCD 12 mm
Display update1 s
Over range indicatorDisplay is flashing
Auto power offAfter 5 min of non-use
Power supply2 x 1.5 V Type AA; approx. 65 h continuous use
Low battery indicatorLO BAT flashes at the display
Housing materialDie-cast aluminium
DimensionsApprox. 183 x 80 x 46 mm (LxWxH)

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Product Price
Hans-Schmidt YS-105 Yarn Speed and Length Meter, LCD display, 16 Selectable Measuring Units $475.00



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