Shimpo DT-105A - DT-107A Handheld Tachometers
Shimpo DT-105A - DT-107A Handheld Tachometers

Contact Only Tachometer
DT-105A (LCD Model)
DT-107A (LED Model)
DT-107A-12 (LED Model)
The Shimpo DT-105A / DT-107A Tachometers is a precision instrument that accurately measures rotational and surface speed, as well as length. Built-in selector switch permits the user to display readings in a wide variety of engineering units. The DT-107A-12 includes a 12" (30 cm) circumference measuring wheel which is offered for safer and easier surface speed measurement by keeping the users hand farther from the moving surface and slowing down the rotational speed.

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