Shimpo DT-105A-12CBL Tachometer for Elevator Cable Speed
Shimpo DT-105A-12CBL Tachometer for Elevator Cable Speed

Tachometer for Elevator Cable Speed, Belt Speed and other applications

Supplied with 12 inch circumference grooved wheel

Measures ft/min, ft/sec, m/min, m/sec, mph and more
The DT-105A-12CBL is designed to measure elevator cable speed in feet per minute, meters per minute and other measuring units. It is supplied with a rugged 12 circumference wheel with large flanges to keep the cable in contact with the surface. Delivering superior performance and accuracy over more conventional flat surface wheels. Employing a non slip rubber contact surface, the wheel adds safety and accuracy while measuring speeds on Elevator governor cables, wire and cable reels, extruded tubing and many other applications.

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