HTM ATEX Intrinsically Safe Hand-Held Mechanical Tachometer
HTM ATEX Intrinsically Safe Hand-Held Mechanical Tachometer

Intrinsically Safe Mechanical Tachometer

4 Models, 2-English & 2-Metric for RPM and Surface Speed

Suitable in all surface industries in hazardous explosive areas

Accuracy of 0.5% Full Scale and CE-Certified
The HTM-ATEX intrinsically safe mechanical hand-tachometer is designed to accurately measure RPM and surface speed on a wide range of applications. Favored in several industries, including elevator maintenance, mining industry and others, Mechanical Tachometers using a pointer and dial to display RPM or surface speed --- without the need for batteries! Additionally, the range of variation and frequency of variation of the measurement is evident with the speed and span of the movement of the pointer. Includes Peak-Hold button. 3-Position Range Selector Switch provides highest possible resolution for each application. All HTM-ATEX models are rated at an accuracy of 0.5% Full Scale or better.

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