Compact CT6/K CT6 Tachometer Complete Kit with Contact Adapter and Remote Optical Sensor

Price: $ 825.00

Compact CT6 Optical / Contact Handheld Tachometer with LED Display
Measuring Range:
Non-Contact - 3.00 - 99,999 rpm
Contact - 3.00 - 50,000 rpm
Display Type:LED
The Compact CT6 Optical/Contact Handheld Tachometers with LED display are available in a variety of models to suit most applications, with large Bright LED displays and a wide selection of excellent features, including standard optical system range up to 3ft (1M) or with a Laser system with a range up to 6ft (2m) for enhanced optical performance. These Tachometers have facilities for both Optical and Contact measurements

Pulse Output facility - 5v Pulse output. Output via socket on rear of housing, supplied with 2 metre BNC output cable.

Kit Contents

  • Compact CT6 Optical / Contact Handheld Tachometer With LED Display
  • LSAB/2 Contact Adaptor
  • Reflective Tape
  • Certificate of Calibration
  • Instruction Manual
  • Carrying Case


  • Includes Certificate of calibration
  • Long Optical Range
  • Additional Count & Times modes
  • Very wide speed range
  • Last reading hold & recall memory
  • Range of contact adapters for rpm & linear rate
  • External input for remote optical sensors isstandard
  • Wide range of accessories


Measuring Range3 to 99,999 rpm
Resolutionmax - 0.001 (auto)
Optical RangeCT6: 2 - 36" (.05 - 1m)
CT6/LSR: 2 - 72" (.05 - 2m)
Count Mode Resolution0.1 metre or 1rpm
Time accumulative0.01 - 99999 secs
Time Interval0.01 - 99999 (seconds/rev.)
Accuracy0.05% rpm/time
On Target IndicatorYes
Low battery IndicatorYes
Power4 AAA Batteries (included)Contact Measurement mode With LSAB-2 Adaptor attached
RPM3 - 50,000 rpm
Meters / Min0.30 - 1999.9
Feet/Min0.30 - 4500.0
Length0-999.9 meters (resolution 0.1 meters)
Total Rev.0-9999 revolutions

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Product Price
Compact CT6/K CT6 Tachometer Complete Kit with Contact Adapter and Remote Optical Sensor $825.00
Accessories Price
205TS - Reflective Tab Sheet (35 1/2 in x 1/2 in Squares) $17.00
L5V Spare Lamps 3-Pack $33.00
205T - Reflective Tape (1 in x 7 in) $7.00
RT5 5 Meter Reflective Tape $66.00
DES/01/D - Diesel Adaptor (5PIN DIN) $253.00
DES/01/J - Diesel Adaptor 3.5mm Plug $253.00
DES/01/T - Diesel Adaptor Str Lead $253.00
LSAB-2 Linear Speed Adaptor $149.00
LSAB/3/9109 H/D Adaptor +20cm Ribbed Wheel $341.00
LSAB/3/9110 H/D Adaptor +20cm Smooth Wheel $341.00



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